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 History of Roma Victor

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PostSubject: History of Roma Victor   Sun May 08, 2016 12:31 am



Roma Victor is probably the newest pro RTW clan in that family. Roma Victor was formed somewhere in april 2014. It was formed by Bullzeye(BE) members as a filial or junior clan from where would be recruited new members for BE when they are experienced  enough. 1st RV leader and its creator was ZIG, that time BE vice leader. The second and current leader of Roma Victor is Venom. He was a lieutenant of BE before. First members were recruited from territories of balkan actually mostly from ex-YOU territories and they compose a core of the clan even today. The first tourney on which participated RV members was Rome Total War: The New Generation and participated Camaga and Nermin, unfortunately without any success. After that tournament came to the fusion of Roma Victor and World War 3 clan where was agreement that all active members of Ww3 clan(Earth, Eagle, and Pax the Great) still keep their clan tags after their names. Also was agreed that Earth as leader of Ww3 become new vice leader of RV.
After those events was HoS tourney on which participated only Earth, with great chances of passing quarterfinal but unfortunately tourney was suddenly stopped. Due to inactivity of clans leader Venom, Earth took on himself leadership and reorganization of clan. He and Eagle organized Roma Victor tournament(august 2014), where won  HoS Zeke, 2nd was CoH Tacitus and 3rd USSR Stalin, and internal RV tourney(august 2014) in which won Cezar.

Finally, somewhere in August Victors found out what happened to their leader. He was kept busy cause working on ship as sailor:D ...just kidding, and he approved every change we made till that moment. Finally he promised he will return to his clan jobs after he finish his ship tour in some 4 months. Soon after that all clan reforms were finished. New RV site was created in the end of August 2014 by Camaga(Чамага) and Senate was elected as a new government. Senators were Earth as VL of clan, Nermin as General, Cezar as one of the most active members, and Camaga and Dusan as 2 members who were among the first members in clan. Senate decided every rule which all members need to follow as a codex of clan. The newest important thing Senate already decided is switching of old ranks into new one. The old were by this order recruit, corporal, sergeant, lieutenent, major, general. New one everyone can see into Welcome to RV section.

In the middle of the second internal tourney(december 2014), senate decided to remove wearing of ranks beside name, not completely to annihilate them but to keep them to be honorary and to be part of RV school of rtw. So rank improvement is improvement of personal skills of any player who wish to do so. 2nd internal tourney won Earth.
In the meantime RV members participated on few tournaments...with average success(quarterfinals and semifinals), and finally RV got first champion on some big external tournament. RV Frozenman won TAoW 1v1 15kcwb tournament and he brought first title to Roma Victor clan in its history.

Tournament Gladiators Challenge was partly disastrous, therefore only 2 signatures are given to participants, cause of great inactivity of teams.


On the 7th senate meeting(8th january 2015) is written RV constitution as a new legislature and order.

January 2015 RV luke brought new signature to RV site. He won tournament Achiles cup.

In beginning of february 2015 RV merged with USG clan, and they become one.
New events that occured in the end of january, and beginning of february 2015, make RV senate in tight situation, cause of threats for war from several elite clans to RV. RV senate decided to seek defensive alliance with SiP clan, and replay from SiP ambassador came swifrtly, and on 5th february Alliance of RV and SiP was pronounced.

From december 2014, till february 2015, was Elite Sexy Cup of Justice, organized by Luke. This tournament won SiP Koala, second was GREEK DIOMIDIS, and 3rd RV Luke.

From january till february 2015 was organised by Earth, The Next Generation 2 Tournament. This tournament won The White Count, second place took KinG Avtandil and 3rd was TAoW Anibal Barca.

In february 2015, some issues occured arround RV logo, and Earth left RV Senate cause of that. Therefore there were 4 Senators only left, result of voting was 2:2 for old and new logo. Camaga and Dusan were for new one, while Cezar and Nermin for old one. Earth was for old one too, but since he resigned as senator result of voting was draw. Suddenly, RV leader Venom has returned the same time that problem with RV logo happened. He decided to return old logo, and problem was solved with result of voting 4:2 for old logo.

RV passed again through some turmoils and Cezar, senator and one of the highest and the most important members left the senate and the clan. This surprised RV members, but didnt left them unprepared. Earth has been called back to return to Senate, and he accepted invitation. Basically Camaga and Earth were leading clan since january of 2015, so they decided to open voting for 2 new Senator places. Since Cezar left Senate and clan, and Dusan was almost completely inactive, cause of his crap pc  , 2 new places were good option to choose. Dusan still remained Senator, but his vote will be considered from now valide only if he starts to play rtw. In fact he asked Senate for releaf cause of his inactivity, so basicly RV had again 5+leader Senators. On voting for new Senators won TT and Luke Invictus.
These events occured in period 25. february-7th march 2015.

January-March were organised Barbarian Warlord 2015 tournament by Camaga. This tourney won CoH Zyzz, second were CoH Daud and 3rd TAoW Koala.

On 10th Senate meeting is decided that completely inactive members are to be ban from clan. They can rejoin to clan by new application and new tryout.

In period january-march 2015, was held 3v3 tournament Clash of Clans. Tournament was success, except final match where was played only one match instead of 3-5. Signatures were given only for 1st two places.

On the 11th Senate meething, held in the end of march 2015 it is decided to be accepted request for alliance beetwen clans Roma Victor and Ukrainian Warords. Senate decided not to accept full status of alliance, but only as defensive alliance. One of the important things that is decided on this meeting is also that RV and SiP clans need to become closer, even is arranged possible exchange of players. Basically SiP should have become RV training ground.

3rd internal tourney won James.

On the march 22, 2015, 2nd Roma victor started with 64 registered participants.

In period february-march 2015, was held Balance Mode Tournament, organised by Earth. This tourney was played on balance mode as the name says. The rules was the most cwb-ish, plus max 6 chariots and 2 elephants. Winner of this tourney was CoH Nidintu, 2nd place was TAoW Koala, and finaly 3rd place took RV vT Gaiming, bringing 4th signature for RV clan.

On 15th april, Yuna won flash tourney Yesterday Live, episode #8. That was small tourney with 8 players, but anyway 5th signature arrived swiftly after the 4th one.

On 12th Senate meeting, held in 1/2 of the april 2015, some reforms of the clan are accepted. 1)RV will go to the way of elitism, which means that only good and experienced player will be accepted in clan. Fakes are not considered any more in any case. 2)New clan tags decided to be `RV|. 3)For progressing in ranks beside policy of screenshots and tourney successes, from that moment will be counted and time spent in clan. 4)Citizens of RV will be enlightened about every Senate decision from that moment. 5)New Generation clan-[-NG-] is fund as training ground of RV clan.
Finaly subclans are shut down. Earth disbanded Ww3, and USG guys left RV.

March-april 2015, Luke organised Macedon vs Armenia tourney, which won TAoW Koala, and second place took RV Luke, even he didnt played any single match  . Tourney was disaster.

21/23.april 2015, Earth won episode #13 and #15 of Yesterday Live flash tourneys.
24.april 2015, TT won episode #16 of Yesterday Live flash tourney.

During 1st half of may, was held Emperor 2 tournament, on which second place won James.

On the 10th may RV declared war on CoH clan, after numerous provocations that happened from side of CoH clan toward RV. Incident, where Nidintu false accused Earth being cheater, brought much more things on public site, so war was inevitable.

RV lost war by result 2:12 against CoH, but this wasnt much result of lower skills how much it was the undermining project. It happened that James was actually CoH Altaf, spy sent by RV opponent clan CoH. Acording to war term `no spies`, RV pronounced instant victory, no matter result was in CoH favour. But undermining continued and RV lost half of its members, including 2 senators, Nermin and TT. New clan was formed by some of the ex RV members called The Alpha and The Omega.
Since 1st NG leader Nermin left clan, his place took Pax. Plus NG merged with SiP and formed clan RR(Rogue Ronin), where as leaders are chosen Pax as leader of NG and Hannibal as leader of SiP. Both of them have right to choose what clan they will represent on tourneys RV or RR.

During the second half of may 2015, was held 15th Senate meeting, and major decision that senators(Luke, Earth, Camaga and Venom) brought is to put CoH clan under embargo for all tourneys that RV members will organize in next 365 days. Embargo also prohibit to RV members to participate on tourneys that will organize CoH clan. Embargo allow to RV members to participate with CoH members on neutral soil.

On 1st june started CoNXII, and main admin of this one of the most important rtw tourneys is main reinforcement of RV clan, Zyzz.

On 16th Senate meeting embargo on CoH is striped to personal level, not to be clan matter any more.
On the 20th june 2015 is finished 2nd Roma Victor tournament, which started on march 2015. Tournament was greatly successful at the beginning, since was 1st tourney after long time to have 64 players as participants. But in the end tournament was clouded by fake affairs(zyzz=aristocrat=ooiji, camaga=comrade, altaf bhai=james).
Tournament won CoH Tacitus, 2nd place took GREEK DIOMIDIS and 3rd was HoS Zeke, who took 3rd place without fighting vs Altaf, who was kicked out of tourney, cause of faking.

4th internal RV tournament, held on june 2015 won Luke Invictus.

On 16th Senate meeting is decided that embargo on CoH should be private, not clan matter.
On same Senate meeting its decided that RV 2v2 tourney be organised on TW Hub. This tourney will be joined RV and Hub tourney and main admin and organizer was GoTW Kubee, and coordinator was Earth. Tourney started at the end of june 2015.

Arround 20th jully CoNXII was finished. Tourney was very successful by organisation, while RV member didnt won any signature, they got 3 participants in quarterfinal. Winner of this CoN was TAoW Koala.
New leader of RR clan become Spitfyr, cause previous leaders PaX and Hannibal went inactive.

Hannibal become active again arroung half of august.
RV Senate came into conflict with HoS Dacder, after Camaga refused to gave him free pass on Barbarian Warlord 2 tourney. After Camaga refused to play LLC with him, HoS threatened to RV with war, but all HoS reasons for war were beaten by proofs on total war hub, and finally HoS leader Zeke decided not go in war. Meanwhile, one of the RV senators Luke, faked on same tourney, and was kicked cause of it. He decided to leave RV and join HoS clan, which considered as an questionable act, cause RV and HoS where at hand of war.
Senators remained only Venom, Earth and Camaga after these events.

On 15h august was presented full alliance between RV and Kohai.

In august was held Championship of Balkan, which organised Earth. Earth won this tournament, and Camaga was 2nd.
On 7th september RV voted democraticly for IoW declaration, where loser clan from war IoW-HoS, have to disband, otherwise if loser clan refuse to disband, all clans that signed that declaration will boyccot that clan.

August/september members of RR clan played their Champion League, and winner was Hannibal.

In the mid of september was held 20th Senate meeting. Major decision was reform of the ranks in clan. It was called Democratic reform, since it gives more rights to every RV member in bringing of RV decisions. From that moment RV had 4 groups of ranks.
Leaders - Earth, Venom and Camaga
Elders - members that are longer then 1 year in the clan + Hannibal as RR leader
Knights of The Round Table - every RV member
Rougue Ronins - RV recruits

5th internal RV tournament, held august-september won Hannibal.

September-october was organised Gladiator tourney by USSR Trajan. Earth took 3rd place and brought new signature for RV.

July-october, was held 2nd Barbarian Warlord tourney by Camaga. Tourney was success, except episode with HoS Dacder mentioned already above. Tourney won TAoW Koala, 2nd was BiA Warhawk and 3rd HoS WSFI.

On 21st Senate meeting is officially voted for anti-war and anti-llc policy.
In the end of of october Camaga opened RV flash tournaments. 2nd episode won Earth.
3rd and 5th episode won Earth and Camaga. Tourneys lasted till half of November and was organized 10 of them.

On 8th november RV joined blockade of HoS together with IoW, CoH and TITANS. Reasons were different than to the rest of allies that demanded disbanding or official apology for HoS vs IoW war. RV reasons were strictly designed to fight against current HoS policy.
On 9th november is announced alliance between RV and IoW. That alliance consisted mutual projects, and defying mutual politics in the future. Since RV is antiwar clan there is no official treaty about any kind of military alliance but in case someone would attacked unjustified, there is left space for defensive military alliance.

Leroy won 3v3 Championship of Russia with teammates from HoS, Nidintu and Madgeh.

Somewhere around 11th November, RV forum was under attack of Spetz, great enemy of RV, trying to bring it down. Luckily forum had backup file, so it was returned under healthy state. unfortunately RV youtube channel wasnt so lucky and all, more than 100 videos were deleted, alongside more than 500 messages on RV site.
This was 1st big blow that HoS struck on Alliance after the Blockade.

On 18th November Hannibal, member of Senate was kicked cause of conspiracy with Spetz, great enemy of RV. Later he redeem reviving SiP, RV ally.
TNG3 tourney organised in that time by RV Hannibal, finished and winner was TAoW Decurion.
Gemini Cup, tourney organised by TW Hub in agreement with RV, finished and that tourney won HoS team made from Zeke, Dacder and Luke.

On the 21th November started 3rd Roma Victor Tournament.

On 8th December is formed alliance between RV and CoH. Terms were almost same as with IoW alliance.

On 12th December 6th Internal RV tourney was canceled cause of low activity in clan.

Friendly war between RV and GoTW is concluded as unfinished. It started as possible tournament project in the mid of august, but never finished. Result was 9-3 in favor for GoTW, but there remained to be played 2 3v3 games and 1 2v2 game, so possible 8 points per side. Entire project collapsed due to disagreement between Alliance and HoS.


On Januruary the 5th, finally is concluded agreement between Alliance and HoS. Blockade is lifted after 2 months of negotiations on CoNXIII.
Agreement officially signed Nermin and Earth as members of Alliance and Aragon, Slayer and Zeke as HoS members.
Next point are agreed:1.No cheating/hacking/faking and flaming must be controllable, 2.Both sides must do official apologies for what is done in the past, 3.Both sides commited to keep community interests before personal or clan interests, 4.HoS cant go to war 2 years unless provoked.
Neutral clans witnessed entire agreement as safety trigger.

After 15 days of peace with HoS, HoS broke peace and relations between Alliance and HoS are returned in state of `cold war`.

On 15th January Camaga won group of death on CoNXIII with Scythia and he won signature for that.

On 20th January is made alliance between RV and Pokemon. Agreement between 2 clans is same as RV made with CoH and IoW clans.

October 2015 - January 2016 was held Ultraparanoia tourney by Earth. Tourney had pause cause of Blockade against HoS. HoS won triple signatures by Nidintu, Zeke and Madgeh, places by wrote order.

In the end of January 22nd Senate meeting is finished and one of the most important that were decided is returning of RR ranks. New ranks will have 2 major levels(bronze and silver) and each of them 3 sublevels marked with numbers 1,2 and 3. This reform is voted cause of possibility that may motivate RR guys more than previous system , where RR clan was rankless.

On 2nd February was finished 3rd Roma Victor Tourney. Winner was RV Neptune, 2nd place IoW Nermin, and 3rd was TAoW Crivat. This was 1st title for RV from some grand slam tourney.

During February was held 23rd Senate meeting. The most important decisions are: 1.blockade of TW Hub, cause of biased admins of that site, 2.kicking of Neptune from clan, cause he shared his account with Nidintu, 3.19th April is decided as RV birthday, 4.new blockade of HoS clan, cause of multiple breaking of agreement between Alliance and HoS by HoS clan.

Meanwhile, in period February-March, RV won several signatures. Neptune and Earth won 1st and 2nd places on DL 1v1 CWB league. Camaga won 3rd place on CoNXIII.

In the beginning of March, Neptune was officially kicked from clan, cause Senate found out he was HoS spy and their member Nidintu.

In the end of March, beginning of April, were held several flash tourneys organized by RV called Death Flash. Earth won 1st, Zero 5th, and Zig 6th. A bit before Earth won 3rd place of tournament Diadochi Wars, by victory over Gamilkara 3-1.

On the 9th April, Zero, leader of RR clan left clan and joined to the enemy clan HoS.

On the April of 10, Earth won 7th and 8th Death Flash tourney, and Zig won ICA flash tourney.

March-half of April was held Barbarian Warlord 3 Tournament, organized by Camaga. Tourney was big success even without HoS clan. Tourney won GoTW Leanbod, winning Earth in finale 3-0. 3rd place took IoW r26, since Camaga wasnt able to play with him.

On 15th March, Earth won Death Flash 13. That was the last tourney in a series.

On 1st May, vT Gaming, the Elder and one of the most respected RV members left the clan, due to his own reasons.

RV have by now open 37 embassies, in CoH, BE, TAoW, HoS, HBG, BiA, USSR, Sith, GREEK, KAOS, TNA, SiP, TWO hub, RTW hub, TITANS, GoTW, SoA, UW, GR, OTD, HL, SoW , HoE, RA tw tournament playground, OTS, IoW, AO, Rus tw, SM, DG, BH, VM, GAS, Pokemon, WOLVES, ClanCommunity and HEAVEN. Embassies opened at RV forum from CoH, Sith, GREEK, USSR, SiP, TITANS, HoS, GoTW, UW, Kohai, HEAVEN, SoW,  RA tw tournament playground, OTS, OTD, IoW, AO, TAoW, GAS, Pokemon, WOLVES, BiA, KAOS, TNA and HBG clans.

RV have 1 defencive alliance, with clan SiP. And full alliances with RR and Kohai clans. There are also alliances with Pokemon, CoH and IoW which are friendly and political, but not opened military alliances.

Tourneys organised by RV till now:3 Roma Victor Tournamenst, 5 Internal RV tournaments, 3 Barbarian Warlord Tournaments, Gladiators Challenge, Gemini Cup and Clash of Clans. All of these will be tradition and will be organised every 6 months. Internal every 2 months.

Roma Victor champions Cezar, Earth, James(Altaf bhai), Luke Invictus and Hannibal.
Current Roma Victor champion is -.

Winner of the 1st Roma Victor Tournament was HoS Zeke,2nd CoH Tacitus and 3rd USSR Stalin.
Winner of the 2nd Roma Victor Tournament was CoH Tacitus,2nd GREEK Diomidis and 3rd HoS Zeke.
Winner of the 3rd Roma Victor Tournament was RV Neptune(Nidintu), 2nd IoW Nermin and 3rd TAoW Crivat(Tara).
Winner of the 1st Barbarian Warlord Tournament was CoH Zyzz, 2nd CoH Daud and 3rd TAoW Koala.
Winner of the 2nd Barbarian Warlord Tournament was TAoW Koala, 2nd BiA Warhawk and 3rd HoS WSFI.
Winner of the 3rd Barbarian Warlord Tournament was GoTW Leanbod, 2nd RV Earth and 3rd IoW r26.
Winner of the Gladiators Challenge Tournament was team Spider Pigs(CoH Zyzz/CoH Daud),2nd was team AD INFINITUM(HoS Madgeh/HoS Spawn).
Winner of the Gemini Cup was team Bald Eagle Freedom Squadron(HoS Zeke/HoS Dacder/HoS Luke), 2nd was team Muninnlance(TAoW Muninn/GoTW Lancer).
Winner of the Clash of Clans Tournament was team Harvesters of Sorrow(HoS Zeke/HoS Saint/HoS Dream/FK Varus/FK Aragon),2nd was team The Compagnions(CoH Tacitus/CoH Daud/CoH Zyzz/CoH Nidintu/CoH Dionyzos)

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PostSubject: Re: History of Roma Victor   Sun May 08, 2016 12:39 am


In period 5-8th May 2016 came to events that forced Earth to leave RV, and Camaga and some of the remaining RV decided to terminate the clan and fund new clan on old forum platform, called Iron.

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PostSubject: Re: History of Roma Victor   Sun May 08, 2016 12:41 am



On May the 8th, Earth decided to refund RV clan.
Earth admitted that he faked as Camaga, on CoN where he won 3rd place as Camaga.

On May the 10th IoW decided to break the alliance with RV, since its splitted into 2 clans Iron and NRV and they didnt wanted to obligate themselves with new clans without open talk about it.
Spitfyr created Random Setup rules(RS rules).

In period 11th-15th May RV reopened 31 embassy in forums of many clans: CoH, Pokemon, SiP, IoW, TAoW, BiA, DG, OTS, UW, BH, OTD, HEAVEN, GREEK, TITANS, WOLVES, (O)RV, BE, HBG, SoA, AO, GaS, SM, TNA, KAOS, VM, Sith, Hell and TW hubs: RTW, RA, CC and on GR page.
Soon after that in next few days RV reopened embassies in HoS and Iron.

In period 11-28th May was held 1st Senate meeting of the New RV clan. Decision were next:
1.Leave RR clan on their own.
2.Blockades against TW Hub and HoS are dropped, except that HoS tourneys wont be counted on RVRTW ranking list.
3.RV broke the alliances with SiP and Kohai since they are dead clans.
Its decided to keep alliance with Pokemon and ask them for full military alliance. With CoH its decided to change from political alliance to defensive one.
New RV decided to get out of the organisation Alliance, since it suffered a defeat against HoS.
4.New ranks of the New RV will be: Leader, Senators, Elders, Knights and Recruits.
New name of the new RV will be New Roma Victor(NRV) and it will be successor of all RV inheritage. Tags of NRV will be N|RV. NRV will be democratic clan where all decisions will pass trough Senate, while extremely important decisions will have to pass referendums where all members will have right to vote.
5.NRV wont ask rights for Barbarian Warlord tourney and returning it to its organizer Camaga.
6.Its decided that Earth organize Balkan League tourney on NRV forum as promotion of the new forum.

In the mid of June, Earth won Pokemon flash tourney of the 2nd season and Balkan League, which was organized by him in period 15th May-15th June.

In the end of June, Spitfyr won 3rd Pokemon flash of the 3rd season.
Spitfyr in the same time organized Random Setup rules tourney.

In the beginning of the Jully, Earth tried to organize The Great RTW Summoning, but it failed due to obstruction from Iron and HoS clans, mainly inactive people of TW Hub.
As a result of that embassy in Iron clan is temporary closed.

On 23rd July, started 4th Roma Victor Tournament, organized by Earth, once again.
On 26th August, Earth won 4th Roma Victor Tournament and brought one more signature for NRV. 2nd was IoW Nermin and 3rd was CoH Elnino. Tourney was semisuccessful, specially cause HoS clan made big troubles on it, mostly of racial, and fascist reasons. They were disqualified as a whole.

In the end of September, team Humans of Sesh, NRV Earth and TAoW Tara, reached final of TAoW 2v2 tournament, but it was closed due to inactivity mostly.
At the same period Earth organized RTW League, which he eventually won.

On the 4th November, Leader brought single act, of removing ranks of Senator and Recruit. Senators will now be Elders, with the same competitions as before and all other members will be Knights.

Winner of the 4th Roma Victor Tournament was NRV Earth, 2nd IoW Nermin and 3rd CoH Elnino.


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PostSubject: Re: History of Roma Victor   Mon Nov 28, 2016 11:07 pm

New chapter of Roma Victor begins here.


On 15th November, Earth and Goodwin came to an agreement to resurrect old RV. Since they were of the oldest ex RV active RTW players. Goodwin brought a lot of new players into RV and it was the story worthy of reviving RV. Forum remained on NRV forum and clan changed its name into RV once again. Clan structure remained the same as was in NRV/RV.
Soon after that, Earth organized series of Nightmare Sesh Flashes and won one of them.
Also new season, the 3rd, of the Yesterday Live flashes was opened by Earth and he won 1st episode.

In December 13, Milfhunter organized RVExp1 tourney in the honor of reviving RV clan.

The end of December passed with turbulent final of YL tourney, where Earth passed over his rules as an admin so that final wont be a disaster and therefore lost final easily. Anyway it was one more signature for RV, this time 2nd place.
Earth also won the award of RV for the best player of the year (2016).

Somewhere in the middle of January, ended RVexp1 with a disaster for RV, where RV left w/o any signature on a tourney after very long time.


January-February was held CoNXV where best results from RV achieved Earth and Goodwin, reaching quorterfinal.
On the 7th February is anounced alliance between RV and TAoW. It is decided that alliance will be defencive only. There will be mutual projects. And TAoW will have to respect previous RV alliance with CoH, where RV keep the right for neutrality in case of war between TAoW and CoH.

At the end of the February, came official responce from RV Senate to CoH clan, due to agression of CoH members on RV leadership. We also complained on rising fascism in their ranks. It was unacceptable for RV Senate. CoH responded with closing RV embassy on their forum and breaking the alliance with RV. IoW gave full support to their masters in CoH and accepted full vassalisation, by sacrificing their best player to satisfy CoH policy. Earth was banned from both, CoH and IoW forums for speaking the truth. Response of RV Senate was closing the embassies of CoH/IoW on RV forum. The thing ended with constant insults from both sides and ongoing Cold War between RV and CoH/IoW alliance.

In period of the end of February-beggining of April was held 5th Roma Victor tournament. Tournament was very active, but with less participants than on previous tourneys due to blockade of several clans against RV. Tourney won HoS Nidintu, 2nd was RV Earth and 3rd IBEROS Touro.

On the 23rd April, RV voted to add 4th recognizable policy beside anti-war, anti-fascist and anti-troll policy. RV Senate added anti-cheating policy as well.

In the 1st half of June finally was ended Barbarian Warlord 4 tournament, this time held under Iron clan administration. Earth got 3rd place for RV.

In period June-August was held CoNXVI, where best result achieved Earth, reaching quorterfinal.
In the same period Earth won 4th episode of Yesterday Live flash, season 4, who was the organizer too, but the final tourney was terminated, due to collapse of the community.
After last CoN, community collapsed and on open Senate meeting RV elders came to an agreement that its pointless supporting competitive RTW any more. Therefore entire clan went into competitive inactivity and started playing only friendly. RV traditional tournaments and RV award for the player of the year were terminated too.


Winner of 5th Roma Victor tournament was HoS Nidintu, 2nd RV Earth and 3rd IBEROS Touro.

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PostSubject: Re: History of Roma Victor   

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History of Roma Victor
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